“…what Europe has given so far to Ukraine — roughly 1 billion euros — it hands to Russia each day for energy purchases.” Bloomberg, April 7

“Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression runs on the money Russia gets by selling fossil fuels to Europe.” — Editorial, NYTimes

Russia’s War in Ukraine is evil. Refugees run leaving fathers, husbands, sons to fight. Civilians are bombed, even executed, hands still bound. All for Putin’s ego and vision to renew the Soviet Union.

So I rejoice as the world works together to help. Sending supplies. Opening doors for refugees. I knew Europe continued to buy lots of Russian oil and natural gas, but I was stunned to read the above figures. While Europe’s right hand rages a fist against Russian, the left is an open helping hand. Thankfully, this week Europe taking steps to ban Russian oil… over the course of months.

Of course I judge Europe. How could they be so selfish? But I have to wonder how we in the US would react? How many conversations have you had about high gas prices recently?

Today is Good Friday. We are the children of God, we are ready to lift our hand in praise. But with our other hand we swing the hammer. For it is my sin, my selfishness, my hate, my pride… that brought all the world’s atrocities!

But love, with both arms open wide, will save me. (And all the world.)

I hope you will join the praise this Easter. Join in giving thanks for our God who, in the face of the world’s dark violence, offered love. May we follow Jesus’s selfless example. You are welcome at Chandler at 10:30 (in person or streaming).

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