Individual Value

Zelensky “proves the truth that one man with courage makes a majority.” — “Why we admire Zelensky”, NYTimes

When the warship Moskava was sunk the official word from Russia was that the entire crew was saved. I suspect everyone, even Russians, knew this was a lie. Yet it is the official story that Russia continues to promote. Fearful Russian parents, awaiting a word from their sons, are not comforted, but given the runaround…

War is always terrible. But how Putin treats his military, as a commodity rather than human, is another level of evil. Just as he lies to his people, he lies to his soldiers. They went to die believing they would be welcomed in Ukraine (some believing it was only a training mission). Then their deaths, rather than honored, are covered up. Everyone is slaughtered on the altar of Putin’s Pride.

This is why I admire Zelensky. His bravery unmasks the dictator.

Since I became an adult American democracy has been in a tailspin. Our divisions widening every year. Distrust giving way to hate. Lies are so much more believable when hate is driving us. Violence so much more possible. And in this divide, democracy did not seem to have an answer. Autocrats became temptations.

But Zelensky has uncovered the lies. Dictators claim to be on our side. Yet they only seek themselves. We are just commodities – materials for building their kingdom. Yet in democracy each of us has value. Democracy accepts the worth of the individual, the power of the individual, the decision of the individual.

As Zelensky uncovers Putin, unmasking evil, the good of God is also revealed. For God’s Kingdom is not built on bodies that must be sacrificed. Instead the cornerstone is Jesus’s sacrifice — God’s own gift. This act affirms the individual’s value. And demonstrates the selflessness of the True King. The One who builds us up in Love.

This Sunday we start a new series: “Showers to Flowers”. Taking from the April to May truth: in moments of struggle we see what is most valuable. Take a moment to read Isaiah 55 and join us at 10:30 (in-person or streaming on FB and YouTube).

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