Our church signage was hanging from tall ceilings. No one seemed to notice it. So Outreach Team decided to lower the signs to eye level. My suspicion is that nothing will change. People will keep searching for the restrooms. Maybe if we develop location based texting… “You are near the bathroom.” “Warmer” “Colder” “COLDer” “COLDER!”… “You are no longer near the bathroom, please find a tree.”

Of course I am so familiar with the church, it’s hard to understand people getting lost. “It is just a big square, built around the sanctuary.” But to a visitor, everything is strange. This past Sunday, a visitor and church member were searching for their kids. After church, as adults talk, our kids run, laugh, and play. The two moms called for their children. To the visitor it was never ending gray halls and finally she asked, where are we?!

Yet the children played with abandon. Our kids certainly don’t notice the signs and can easily get turned around. But they just keep going. They are less concerned with where they are, than whose they are.

Think about getting lost as a child. It was never about the store location; instead, it was about my mom’s location (or my dad or aunt). I never had a clue where I was — Walmart had more aisles than I could count, plus I imagined each to be a castle corridor full of marauding villains! I only knew whose I was and as long I knew mom could find me… everything was good.

Take the child’s wisdom to heart — wherever you find yourself, remember whose you are.

Sunday is Mother’s Day. A joyous day, but for many a difficult day. Wherever you are, however you feel, pause to remember whose you are. We often call God Father and this is good. But the Father is not a human gender, hence the bible occasionally uses the image of a mother: “as a mother comforts, so I will comfort you,” Isaiah 66:13. Join our worship as we seek God’s comfort, Sunday at 10:30 in person or streaming live. (Our passage is John 15.)

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