“Something happens and I happen to get on a team that has a chance to go play in Canada in the postseason, maybe that changes. But as we sit here right now, I’m comfortable in my decision.” — Whit Merrifield, one of ten unvaccinated Royals who can not play with the team in Canada.

Two Hit Whit is willing to become Two Jab Whit for another team. A better team. Can you imagine how this comment landed in the club house? The team leader doesn’t believe in the Royals enough to change, but for the … probably the Yankees, ugh, I hate the Yankees… No wonder, despite spring hopes, the team is in the cellar.

As a long-time Royal fan, I am angry. I have always been pro-vaccine, but this is not even about vaccines. Because Merrifield is willing to change his “principled” stance for the right price. His price is not money, but the glory of winning. While he longs for another team, he is not committed enough to make the Royals a winner!

As I get myself ramped up, it is not just rich baseball players who long for greener pastures. I often stumble into wishful thinking: if only this happened… if only that person were here… if I had a little more…

At Chandler the pandemic has brought blessing. The food pantry, the fellowship events, deeper relationships, prayer teams… but it also brought challenges. For years I have tracked attendance and giving, both are down. When I focus on numbers the spreadsheets become a cage. I just want to escape…

But I do not need to break free from this place; instead, I need to break from my mindset. It does not matter what was before or what is somewhere else. I lean into and celebrate this moment. These people. My calling. I strive to be the best pastor, father, husband, friend, gardener, softball player (on this point, my best is bringing snacks, last time I fear I tried to bring covid…)

But, to the important stuff, how can I strive to be the best Royals fan?

First, I hope we change our cellar position, into a seller position — all left behind must go!! Second, I am going full in with my support for the “Canadian” Royals.

And I think that second part will be easy, the “Canadian” Royals were huge underdogs last night. Multiple players were making their major league debut. The starting pitcher was called in from AA. And yet the team won. Nate Eaton’s first mlb hit was a homerun, “When I was running around the bases, right as I got to second, the only person I could hear cheering was my mom.”

I am cheering too!!

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