A back entrance to our fellowship hall opens off the adult classroom hallway. Rather than swing 180° to lay flat against the wall, it stops menacingly pointed at the oncoming hallway traffic. This has driven me bonkers for years. But I am not sure anyone else cares.

Why aren’t we all the same? Of course, when I write “same”, I mean, why isn’t everyone like me?! Think how quickly that door would be fixed! Granted everyone who is not worried about perfection is sleeping better than me… so maybe we should be like you?

But God created everything and everyone distinct. Night gives way to day. The seasons turn. Rain washes away the sun, only to be dried by the rays. All of the change is required for Life to spring up. This, everything unique working together, is God’s desire. All of humanity’s differences, my crazy idiosyncrasies, are NOT flaws. Instead, this is the Genesis blueprint. Each of us bring a different portion of the image of God and together we can find Life. (None of us can contain the full image — in the NT the image is called the body of Christ, our differences make the full body.)

The Torah, the law, the nation of the Old Testament sought to create uniformity. Fences were built around acceptable. It divided and excluded. Anyone on the outside was less. Assuming I am on the inside there is appeal to this structure. But is not God’s goal.

Flowing through the Old Testament is a promise that someday this will change. Someday all the nations will be blessed. That each of us, no matter who we are, where we are from, what we have done… no matter our silly hang-ups!… we each have a place and we are each created for a PURPOSE.

This is the Gospel, the Good News, that Jesus enacted!

Join us on Sunday as we consider Chandler’s vision and look at Ezekiel 47:1-12. It is a story where you are caught up by the flow of grace and redemption! Join us in person or streaming live at 10:30.

“Wherever the river flows there is life.” – Ezekiel 47:9

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