“Do you do that EVERY day?” Ezekiel asked as he hopped onto the bed I was making. Yep. Now Move. “Why? (not moving) You are just going to mess it up! What a waste of life!” I looked at the bed and realized, he is right. I am just going to get back in and ruin all these folds… how much of my life has been spent arranging pillows?!

But of course a marriage brings a new perspective. I don’t see things differently. But Meg sure does! And when I look at her… then I am happy to waste my, I mean, happy to make the bed!

Today we are married 21 years. Which means I have been making my bed almost half of my life. And until E brought it up I had not thought about the silliness of bed making for years.

I know every wedding anniversary is supposed to be represented by a special gift. Some kind of precious metal … I suppose 21 might be the adult bev-iversay (you made it this far, take a drink). But Meg does not care about any of those things. So neither do I.

When we had just started dating for her birthday I got her a mixer and pan. Her mom was appalled I would buy her kitchen items. My soon to be mother-in-law thought it was me that wanted Meg barefoot and baking. When in fact she is the one who delights in baking and taking off her shoes!

So this year I built an herb garden to hang off our deck rails. Meg is thrilled. And I will be too… if holds up. Meg taught me to make beds. I am still waiting for Jesus to teach me carpentry.

This is romance at 21. When we were young our relationship was bursting with excitement. But we did not have any rhythm. It was a like a Baptist church trying to clap — where are the Pentecostals?! We each had our own beat. But now we have found our rhythm. We know how to please one another and how to drive each other nuts better than ever. But each day we choose to love.

So, why am I making the bed? Because I love Meg. Far from a waste it has become wonderful!

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