Mystery Tour ~ June 2

Bible Study: Hebrews 11:8-12

  We recently had some work done in the crawl space under our house, and they told me it would be two hundred dollars just to clean out all the junk. So obviously I decided to save the money and do it myself. But when I got under the house I realized I may have made a mistake. Everyone who had repaired something under the house had left the old pipes ducts, or bricks. There was one cast iron pipe that stretched halfway across the house just laying in the dirt underneath the new PVC pipe-and cast iron weighs a ton! So I drug everything out and filled my trash can with the bricks. All the while trying to avoid the hopping camel crickets…

   I can get angry at the repair people for not cleaning up their work, but I do the same thing. Rather than put the dish up or file the paperwork I just leave it sitting out, which only leads to a bigger mess and an angry Megan! In our lives we often hang on to the mess. God convicts us of sin; we feel bad, promise to change, and then go right back into the mess to sin again! We need to change, and get ride of the temptations.

Check out the story of Abraham, when God called him to leave his home behind. He threw out the temptation to remain the same and followed! Check out Genesis 12:1-7.


 ¤ Literally, what do you not clean up? Does this drive your parents crazy? Is it hard to keep things clean?…

¤ Figuratively, what is are the messes in your life (or temptations, what causes you to sin)?…

¤ Abraham moved across the land, but why is hard for us to change and follow Jesus?…


We traveled to Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania…

and arrived to help clean up a soup kitchen…

We sang for those who came to eat (there was not room inside so we sang in the hall as they lined up)

Afterward we we visited the capital building and hung out on the riverwalk… (my batteries ran out, so I will half to get the pics from Ana Carla)

Then we went to an area nursing home to visit and sing!

We hand some fun outside Cracker Barrel…

Ivy rejoiced after she got a hole in one (she walked over and dropped the ball in and then began to dance, it was a great moment!)


One thought on “Mystery Tour ~ June 2

  1. O.K. if you get this twice…….OOps but my first one did not go I don”t think ???? Looks like everyone is having a BLAST……….tell Aaron D. I said to try not to be such a camera hog. Hoping there have been no further s/s of the YUCK !!! Give Molly a hug and a kiss and ya”ll keep on having fun…………Praying for all of you, K

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