Mystery Tour ~ June 4

Bible Study: Hebrews 11:21

“Backhoe, backhoe digging up the dirt” 

  On one of Ivy’s favorite CDs is a song about tractors harvesting the wheat, carriages going to the ball, and backhoes digging dirt. Then halfway through the song the backup singer interrupts and asks if he can give the song a try. So he starts singing but mixes up all the lines, rockets are now harvesting the wheat (think how fast they would get the job done), a fire truck is going to the ball (in case the drapes catch on fire), and the backhoe is shooting to the moon! This line upsets the lead singer and there is argument about the mixed up lyrics. “Backhoes don’t go to the moon!” “Well sure they do, where do you think craters come from?” “But that is not right at all, craters come from meteorites!”

  The world is often turned upside down and a NASA man must have heard the song because a backhoe (the Phoenix) just landed on Mars (click here for details)! It’s mission is to dig up the polar ice caps to aid the work of meteors… seriously, it will search for signs of life.

  Jacob, whose name means “he deceives”, proved he deserved the name. He tricked his brother out of his inheritance (Genesis 25:29-34), then deceived his father into blessing him… but in the end he chooses to worship God (Genesis 47:31). For this choice his past is forgotten and he is included. (Random: Jacob, “he deceives”, has been the most popular boy name for over 10 years! In the pic are two Jacobs on choir tour.)

 ¤ So many of us have reputation like Jacob. Some good and some bad. Why do we often do what others expect rather than something more?…

¤ We have all done terrible things. What are some you have done (no need to write them)? What does it mean that Jesus will forgive our past and allow us a new future?


This one was from last night’s dinner… (sorry Kay, Aaron just ends up in every picture!)

Today we visited a dairy farm – to help the students understand more about our pastor…

Then we toured an Amish home… (they had me try on the shaw!)

The boys had fun launching water balloons at me…

thankfully they missed!

Tonight we were able to go into the Hershey Park for a couple of hours on tomorrow’s ticket! Since it was nearly empty (it poured earlier) the students faced zero lines… but there first choice was the carousel!

This came out blurry, but I thought it was fun.

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