You can’t believe everything you read…


  Honestly, you need to be careful about everything you see and hear too, because many people act and speak as if Christianity is all about rules. On Wednesday we looked at three passages of scripture. In the first (Numbers 25) the men of Israel are taking Moabite women for wives. This lead to a plague and death for many in the community. It is only stopped when Phinehas forces a spear through one such couple (“he was zealous for God’s honor” Numbers 25:11). In the aftermath the Moabites are declared enemies and Israel is to have nothing to do with them…

   In the next two passages we looked at the life of Ruth. In the opening chapter of her book an Israelite family moves to Moab to escape famine. There the sons “took Moabite wives” and one’s name was Ruth. Then we moved to Matthew 1:5, “Boaz the father of Obed, whose mother was Ruth.” In the genealogy of Jesus is a woman whose ancestry should have made her an enemy of God. Instead the savior of the world, even God, is her great, great, great… grandchild.

   Please understand through Christ grace supersedes rules. We are not a people of legalism, but followers of Jesus. Wherever He goes, there we will be found. Even among the enemies of God!

Of course now the question is should you trust me?…

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