Our Advent

Moving is a profound moment in life.

A twenty-six foot truck sat in our driveway and amazingly it barely held all of our things. How had we accumulated so much stuff? And the situation did not get any better as my missionary brother talked about the affluence of owning a second coat. As if I did not know children are starving in Africa… guilt was not helping the boxes get into the truck. What I needed was an expert packer. Thankfully my dad was there and he would make it fit…

A good friend, who was helping load boxes, told me that his eternal punishment would not involve fiery torture. Instead he would have to move across the nation every week. And after our experience, I think he is right – thanks be to Christ, who has saved us from the eternal move.

But it is not the moving that drives us forward. Instead it is our arrival. As we step into the season to celebrate Christ’s Advent, I also rejoice in our advent. Certainly our arrival, our coming, is not earth shattering. But Megan and I are filled with hope for our time in Chandler. Our first Sunday brought peace as we joined you in worship, and we overflow with joy for the coming days and years. We know that we will be loved, as we love you, our church. And in all this, the light of Christ will watch over and guide our church. Because it is His coming that brought us together and will take us forward. A move that I do not hesitate to make!

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