Star Chaser

This, this is Christ the king. Whom Shepherds guard and angels sing…

How ridiculous! In the twinkling of an eye a baby turns the world on its head. Those who are weak (poor shepherds) find themselves guards of the king, while the strong (blazing flying angels) are regulated to the choir singing – only Tamara could see this as sane.

Through time the world rights itself, and in our maturity no one is delusional enough to chase stars. Now “in the twinkling” refers to Santa’s arrival…instead of a miracle, the dream of Christmas is only the arrival of our presents.

Where has the ridiculousness of the season moved? Where are the rich willing to traverse a desert? Where are the fools with nothing, yet willing to guard an unknown child?

Over the coming months we will have many discussions and decisions. I will start new programs, like a Wednesday night bible study (which will begin January 12th). Soon we will revisit our mission giving. I will begin a weekly blog. There will be sermon series and youth events and… But is this all there is to church? All there is to the Kingdom that Christ brought within our grasp?

Churches may appear to be built with slick programs, pretty buildings, and clever sermons. But the bricks of the Kingdom are mortared in another way. When the faithful risk safety and the respect of others. When we become star chasers, setting aside our own goals to follow Christ. Wherever He leads!  Whatever He asks! Then the Kingdom is in our grasp – even in this world.

And the Kingdom has a power we cannot imagine. Even to overcome death. So while we mourn over Marva, we also know that she is not lost. Instead she is more alive than ever. In time we will join her, but for now I urge you to pursue the life that will last forever. Set aside the world’s riches and glory. Instead join the Wise Men and race to find where Christ is at work in our world. And the light of his star will overcome all darkness.


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