Bridge Out…

“Oh and by the way…there’s a new snow storm coming on Wednesday night…thanks for the bible study.” ~ Tim Everly

On Sunday I declared if snow continued to cancel our Wednesday night services’ it might be a sign from God. Since my new bible study has yet to meet. I was joking then, but now – after canceling again tonight – I am wondering.

Signs from God can be like reading our own palms. ­­The only thing we know for sure is that we are getting wrinklier…

Going home from church on Sunday I drove past the stadiums. Then I came up to the George Brett Bridge (Blue Ridge Cut-off), only to realize the bridge was gone. With constant construction at I70 and 435 I grew used to all the road cones. I was accustom to the signs directing me this way and that way. But for something to actually change was startling. And it begs the question, am I reading the signs to know when the bridge is out?

As the snow falls out my window, I wonder about signs. Where should our church go? What direction is God calling us? Is my Bible Study a part of His plan?

Of course sometimes we fret about nothing. Just as I traveled I-70, the George Brett Bridge really didn’t matter. Sure it was gone, but I wasn’t going to the stadium. The path ahead of my car was clear!

In the same way, we often beg God for a sign. We think if we choose the wrong path we will miss our chance to walk with God. And sometimes this is true, but if we are pursing Him (reading the scripture, spending time in prayer) we will not miss the signs. Often God is content to let us make decisions. We do not have to land in the needlepoint bull’s eye. Instead, our Father is happy to use us in so many locations.

His desire is not so much that we choose the right path, but that we act like Him and His Son wherever we go!

And this brings me back to the stadium. Four years ago Gil Meche signed a five-year, 55 million-dollar contract with the Royals. He decided this path, when many other teams wanted him. Over the years, he pitched well and helped bring Zack Grienke along. Then injuries, some say were caused by management’s overuse, derailed him. And this season he was a reliever who would make 12 million dollars.

Only Meche did not think this was right. He did not believe he should get paid and not be able to pitch. So he retired.

He left 12 million contract guaranteed dollars and walked away. Joe Posnanski called his action not just heroic, but astonishing – a first in pro-sports.

So many paths converge and diverge. But in the end it is not so much where we have been or even where we are going. What matters is how we act along the path we travel.

As a church, we are moving boldly into the future. We will pray over every move. But decisions to build, choices of staff, changing programs will not matter compared to you and me striving to live like Christ. In His life and steps there is the power of the church. And on this path we move toward the Kingdom – no matter where we are going.

3 thoughts on “Bridge Out…

  1. Agreed, good to see the blog again! The story about the pitcher is definitely astonishing, we should all make strong decisions like that. And it’s true, it doesn’t matter so much which path we choose, but that we just make a decision and live as He has called us to live.

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