I know I was supposed to blog yesterday, but I planned to write about getting the final approval for the loan… only the underwriter still has not given final approval – and we are supposed to close at ten this morning. We have not be denied, just left in limbo. Typically we could just delay the closing a few days, but our bank has refused because there is a cash buyer ready to swoop down…. Our mortgage person assures me that everything will work out, but I think Tamara was right when she said,

“Good luck with the ulcer.”

Meg and I read scripture to each other most nights before we go to bed. We just finished Ruth and I had forgotten how Boaz goes about proposing (it is a good story and only four chapters – so check it out). Rather than getting down on one knee, Boaz heads toward the city gate. Then, rather than asking permission for her hand, he proceeds to buy a track of land. Ruth’s life was attached to a piece of property and whoever owned the property would be her husband.

It seems there is someone who has right to this land before him. So Boaz had to deal with this man, but stop for a moment and think about this man. He first hears there is a nice property for sale. Maybe like a house in Kearney… and he gets excited and decides to make the purchase. Of course there is a catch – “Not only do you get this amazing land, But wait there is more, you will also receive a wife at no extra charge…”

But life is filled with catches. On the way home from Tulsa last week we got milk shakes. The little girls were cranky, so I pulled over and got two to share. A strawberry and a chocolate. We passed them around, each taking a drink. Not pausing even when Ivy shouted,

“We can’t share straws, we have germs.”

I laughed at her and said we had already shared all our germs. But in the middle of the night, Ivy started shouting. I jumped out of bed and ran down to find she was sick. I changed the sheets and got her a trash can… I guess my little girl is a prophet.

It would be nice if she would reveal what is going to happen with our house…

Unfortunately, we can not see so clearly. And so I develop ulcers wondering what will happen with our house. In the end, I know everything will work out (with this house or without). To Disney the Bible, “Someday our Boaz will come.” But he does not always arrive like we expect. Instead, often, the thing we were hoping for comes with unexpected catches. And sometimes, we get what we always dreamed when we are searching for something completely different.

I will keep everyone updated on our house. I know you are sitting on pins and needles ; ) … and do not worry, I have not developed an ulcer. I will wait for those when the girls become teenagers…

Update: At 8:45 this morning we got word that our loan was approved. At 10:00 we arrived to sign papers and so did the actual papers… So now we are officially Northlanders…

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    1. Ads that matter is all part of the Plunge47 mission… seriously, that is funny – but now I wonder what else I am advertising…

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