No Touch

“The baby makes noises.” – Phoebe

Phoebe arrived at the hospital and demanded to hold “her baby”. And I think in her reality Darcy is her possession. A new baby doll to have and hold. To occasionally toss… but this doll comes with a whole bunch of new features, one being that Darcy can make noise. This has endlessly fascinated Phoebe and she repeats the line again and again, “the baby makes noise.” I guess Phoebe really is impressed with the new line of baby dolls we are providing for her…

which leaves me a little nervous. I am not sure I should be trusted with a child – but I am certain Phoebe is not ready! Hence I repeated over and again, “be gentle” …”please do not touch her head” … “stay calm” …  actually the “stay calm” is probably for myself, because the picture reveals how well Phoebe listened to my commands!

Babies are thankfully resilient. They just survived birth, so little Phoebe is a walk in the park! And as parents we pray that our children will be more resilient. That they will be able to overcome and persevere – despite us!

And these prayers provide hope. Because as Ivy likes to say, “God loves me more than you do.” and it is true. Because the One who has come, continues to come beside and rescue us… and our children!

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