The door bell rang about an hour after we went to bed. I stumbled out of bed, sleep stupor, and threw on pants. The bell rang again and then there was pounding. I pulled open the door and found a police officer… two days – two run ins with the law.

The first encounter began on my way from church. I doubt this is how these stories normally begin (though child protection could probably be called on us as we get our kids to church). Still in my tie, coat laid in the back seat, I drove to Liberty Hospital. I was on my way to see Mike. And I guess I was in a hurry to see him… because 70 in a 55. Which is not as bad as it could have been, since I just left the 45 mph construction zone…

I refuse to let me kids to make excuses (Not that this stops them from trying…). It does not matter if it was an accident. They still knocked down their sister (or whatever). So they need to take responsibility for their actions. To step forward and confess… yet, there I was on the side of the road pondering excuses. I’m a pastor on my way to the hospital. I did not realize how fast I was going… I might as well have been saying it was accident or I forgot or Mike made me do it or… I am my children!

And just like my children, I was irritated at the police officer for giving me the ticket. Irritated I had been caught. Irritated at Mike for being in the hospital – pondering if I could send Mike the bill (which gave me a little joy, picturing Mike opening the card…). Pondering all this when I just needed to take responsibility. The “why” does not matter. I was speeding. And not even half heartedly. I was committed to speeding.

Still it was surprise to find a police offer at my door in the middle of the night. I guess it figures – since I am committed to breaking the law. But rather than arrest me, she just asked if I knew my garage door was open? Of course I did not. So sleepily I thanked her and walked downstairs to find the garage door open AND my car door open! I guess I was in a hurry to get home and see the girls…

Which as least that makes some sense.

4 thoughts on “Arrested…

  1. Sean, I would be a rich man if I had a dollar every time my wife got pulled over for speeding. A good trick to getting out of a ticket if the kids are with you, is to pinch (not punch) one of them. As soon as the officer hears the kid screaming, he will let you go (so I hear).
    And about leaving your garage door up. You never can be too careful in Kearney with burglars. Here in Excelsior Springs, the “land of milk and honey”, we can leave everything unlocked with our zero crime rate.

    1. If only the kids were with me… I doubt I would even need to pinch – it is a rare moment when there are no tears!!

  2. You really have to be careful at the lights in front of Excelsior Springs Walmart on 69 Hwy.
    Those cameras will cost you a $105 fine.

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