In the Shade

Fifty Shades of GraceA friend from Augusta found this book in a Christian bookstore… a symbol of all that is right with the Christian book industry, who tries to reject the world – while copying it…

Tamara’s dad, Doyle, is a pastor in Jeff City. He posted on Facebook: “Interesting that back in 1837 my church’s name was NOT originally “First Baptist Church OF Jefferson City” but “First Baptist Church IN Jefferson City.”

One little word changes the focus, the perception. The church not of the community, just in the community. As aliens and strangers we are in this world, but not of this world. We are citizens of another Kingdom.

And our whole life becomes this struggle between in and of. At every turn we are tempted to become one with the world. To take on the same goals and values. And slowly we can become of the world. Rather than of Christ.

But it is good to know, however silly the book’s title, the words are true. No matter what we have hidden behind the shades of our life. No matter what darkness hides within the rooms of our heart, mind, and soul. Grace goes even there to cover, repair, and heal.

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