February is here. While most eyes are on the groundhog, husbands need to stay focused, because with February comes Valentine’s Day. And if you are not already gearing up, then you are behind – at least, that is what our wives would say…

But I am not sure being romantic was part of God’s original creation. He added this in later when he took one of our ribs…

I was in upper Elementary, maybe Junior High, before I realized guys had as many ribs as girls. I took the scriptures literally and assumed God continued to take our ribs to make ladies. So romance in my world was finding the person who stole my rib…

And since she was made out of me, she would be a lot like me… only this is not how it works. So while we want to be practical, our ladies want us to be romantic. And the balance, romantical, works most of the year – but not on Valentine’s Day. On that day we need to be all romance.

Unfortunately we do not have a romantic bone in our body – or maybe God took that one –  and we need help… so here a is fun clip to get you into the mood to create romance:

One thought on “Romantical…

  1. As my rib-giver, you make me laugh! And come on, your creative gifts always surprise me on Valentine’s Day! Remember last year, the BBC Pride and Prejudice, and YOU watched all SIX hours with me! That is LOVE!

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