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Today, the beginning of Holy Week – the end of Spring Break, brought snow and the cancellation of church services. But every cancellation brings opportunity. So we had church at home this morning.

Ivy lead us in worship with her best Tamara imitation. Including using her hands to ask us all to rise from our couches. Then, hands waving, she lead us through her favorite song (Toby Mac’s “Me Without You).

Next we had the procession of the palms. Of course, snow means no palm trees – so we used crazy daisies brought to us by the DeVries family (really Martha). In a moment of debated sacrilege everyone got to pretend they were Jesus and ride the donkey (me) into Jerusalem. The only theologically correct part was my role!

Then we read the story of the Jesus arriving into town, Matthew 21:1-11. The crowd rejoiced and sang “Hosanna”, which means “save”. The girls then wanted to get back up and shout “Hosanna”. More dancing ensued.

Finally we sat on the couch and each said a prayer. Phoebe said her standard ending after thanking God for random things, “God is nice.” I always laugh.

But it is a good thing that Jesus arrived in kindness. Riding a donkey – coming to submit – rather than arriving on a warrior’s charger. God could have brought destruction, but instead brought love. Even to those who would crucify Him.

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All Rise by IvyIvy with Palms

Girls with DonkeyPhoebe with Palms

8 thoughts on “Palm Sunday

  1. Love it! What an amazing family time! You have always been special! It is so sweet to see you with your beautiful family! God is good! and nice!

    1. Hey Jenni, “Pajama Church” is something my girls would love! And I am sure support will grow when we provide mugs of coffee for all the adults!! ; )

    1. Thanks Alex! I am pretty sure you are on your way at the Hill! Of course you add a little more reality television into the mix (and wrestling).

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