Rany Comment

I read Rany Jazayerli’s blog “Rany on the Royals“. It is a great and honest discussion of the Royals. Okay, maybe hopeful more than honest – he is predicting 86 wins this year… After reading his most recent blog I noticed the above comment. Rany is not a professional writer, by day he is dermatologist. It is wonderful to ponder going to him for a checkup. We could chat Royals while also making sure my moles stay beautiful! Unfortunately he works in Chicago, so it would be difficult to be on-time for an appointment. Maybe I can talk Scott, our dentist, into starting a blog…

While I am sure Rany loves skin care, he is passionate about the Royals. He is also a devout Muslim. These features are not a hidden part of his life, but revealed – so that even his patients know what defines him.

I wonder what your co-workers, customers, patients, students – what your neighbors think define your life?? Would they list Christ?


Rany is a Muslim. Yet I am using his life to hold you accountable. Is discovering truth outside the church surprising?? We have a tendency to only accept truth from our own community. To live in a bubble. This trait in not just in Christianity and religion. But in politics (Liberal vs Conservative). In special interest movements (Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice). Gracious, even Apple vs Android. Each group is startled to learn someone could think differently. And the groups choose to ridicule the other side. Often even demonizing the opposing side.

But when we go so far as to see others as enemies… then we miss our calling.

“For God so loved the world…”

The world is filled with demons, but people are not demons. Christ did not come to just save you. Nor did He come just to save those in your group. He came to save the whole world. Because He loves every person. He sees value in every person. No matter their category. He came to reach across borders and boundaries. He came to make connections. In His eyes each person brings benefit.

So we should not be surprised to find truth outside our bubble. Even outside the church. Because the Spirit of God is in the world. Trying to save the world.

We should join Him and join our calling to love the world.

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