Baby on the Table

Sometime last week Alex Gordan, the Royal’s Left Fielder, was on the cover of the sports page. Ivy saw it and said “Daddy, he looks like you.” Then she began to list the attributes that were similar: beard, hair, blue eyes. It was a pretty exciting compliment, then she added, “You know, except the muscles.”

A few days ago I came downstairs and found that Darcy had climbed up on top of the art table. I ran to get her down and noticed Phoebe was playing nearby. I asked her if she saw Darcy on the table. “Yeah” with a shrug of the shoulders. I was still a little high strung and went into full lecture mode –  effective three year old parenting – to tell her she needed to let us know when Darcy was in danger. I knew she could not get Darcy, but “Phoebe you should have shouted ‘baby on the table!'”

Last night all three girls were playing on the deck. Ivy and Phoebe in one corner, with Darcy walking around. I put a chair in front of the stairs, so Darcy could not fall down. Then went inside to unload the dishwasher. I guess Ivy heard my lecture, because she was soon yelling “Baby on the table, baby on the table…” I ran back outside wondering how Darcy was on a table (we only have little side tables outside), but instead found Darcy had moved the chair and was going backwards down the stairs.

It seems “Baby on the table” is now our default for any baby emergency.

Sometimes, no matter who we are, we can only shout for help. This week is one of those times in the life of our church. Baby Levi passed away. The Campbell’s brother-in-law was killed by a hit and run driver (this was the husband/father of their sister and niece who were killed in a car accident last year). There are others things I can not list on the blog. But I feel the weight, the burden we can not bear to hold. And each family is struggling while bearing their burdens.

From the outside it can appear that we are holding things together, but none of us really have the strength. As a church community we need to rally around one another. To send encouraging notes. To take meals of friendship. To be the family of God. All the while crying out in prayer for comfort and grace. That our father will come to save us.

4 thoughts on “Baby on the Table

    1. Mr Jay, you are kind – but the girls make the story! Miss experiencing Apprentice lead us into worship!

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