2 dollar bill cornerI am a loser of things. I chalk this up to a close relationship with brilliance. An absent minded professor sort-of-thing. My wife chalks it up to something else… either way, it has been about 54 hours since I last saw my wallet. Which is a problem. Thankfully my credit cards were not actively buying gasoline or Apple products. Now that they are cancelled, they won’t be purchasing anything for 8-10 days. Which, since I do not carry cash, is a good way to get our budget under control. And for that I am thankful.

There was only one bill in my wallet – a two dollar bill given to me by Grandpa. He gave one to the family, so we would always have a couple of bucks in case of emergency. When he passed away, I decided no emergency would be worth spending his gift. Now, without a thought, it is missing.

Meg was fairly irritated with me for losing the wallet. Mainly because she is a key part of the search team (I try hard, but my search skills are rather limited) and we have spent hours searching. Plus this was not the first item lost over the past few week – not to mention things missing over the years of our marriage. When the search started to lose hope we looked at each other and I mentioned the missing two dollar bill. Her expression moved to compassion – she loved Grandpa and joined my sorrow with a hug.

For this moment I love her.

Relationships are a struggle. They will always have times of irritation and frustration. But intermingled we should place moments of compassion. Selfless love to be pulled out in emergencies.

2 thoughts on “Lost

    1. I searched nearly everywhere, including the recliner – but found it last night. Will post another blog sometime soon about the discovery.

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