wallet on car I found my wallet Monday night. A week after it had gone missing. Enough time to cancel credit cards and dig out an old money clip (a wedding party gift I never planned to use). I thought I looked everywhere. I searched the house. I pulled out couch cushions and dug into the recliner. I cleaned out the inside of both cars. I asked the girls to help and every time Darcy responded, “mato” – which is her word for tomato. So I looked in the garden, even scanned the refrigerator.

By Monday I had given up. Then, after Ivy’s soccer game, I was strapping Darcy into her seat and there on top of the van was my wallet. Had someone just put it there? But it was stuck to the car. I literally had to peel it off and it left a leather stain. Inside the wallet a few notes were now brownish – as though the wallet had been soaked. We went driving in the rain last week…

Which means the wallet, left on top of our van, had stayed there for a full week. Amazing.

That was not only positive from Monday. A group of ladies gather to go through the tithes and offerings. While getting the deposit ready they found an envelope addressed to the pastor. I was not sure what to expect, especially since it was unsigned. But inside was a two dollar bill.

The role of pastor can feel lonely. We hear more complaints than positives. It is tough, maybe impossible, to be open and vulnerable. But in my hand was an offering, a reminder that the church walks with us. At least Chandler walks with me.

So now my wallet has two $2 bills. Both a sign of love… that I hope I won’t lose.

5 thoughts on “Found

  1. Love it and miss talking with you. The pastorate can be lonely but there are gifts of surprise all along the way. I believe the Bible sometimes calls that grace…

  2. I’m slow on reading your plunges. Have been gone and then brought Cole home with us for a week. But what a heart warming story about the $2 bill

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