Action… Love

Phoebe: “She (Mom) is beautiful. More than gorgeous.”

window crayon clear

Every year the church goes on a marriage retreat and the week before the guys get “Romance in a Bag”. With the help of my sister, the bag is filled up with five little romantic tasks. Somewhat goofy things (or at least the guy might think so), but all in an effort to woo our ladies. The week always begins with a message on the mirror with window crayons. Each day something different is done. A love note. A chore. A game. Chocolate.

I love my wife. Phoebe is right, she is more than gorgeous. More because she is smart and kind. A splendid teacher. A great support for me. And yes, beautiful. During the day in and day out of normal life, I can take her for granted. But there is something about sitting down and working on these romantic projects. Coming up with what to write or where to put the card or… During the task, I ponder her. And thinking of her, I am reminded of all the reasons I love her. So by acting romantically, I find myself overwhelmed by feelings for her. Before she has received anything, before she reacts, I have fallen deeper in love with her.

Falling in love is not really an accurate analogy. Falling is an act of gravity. An outside force. But love builds from within. Yes, as we build up the fire, it may feel out of control. But we are the ones providing the fuel. As you act to love your wife, your kids, your co-worker, our God – you will find the action producing more love in your heart.

So if you are upset with someone. Someone you know you should love, you want to love. Don’t sulk. Don’t wait. Take action. Take risk. Work to love them… and in the task you will kindle renewed feelings.

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