During our vacation drive a car tried to cut me off. They flashed lights. I am sure offered a few enlightening hand gestures and words… Crazy drivers.

We are in a rental car and a few minutes later I tried to figure out how to raise the instrument lights on the dashboard. It was dusk and becoming hard to see the controls. I turned the knob that adjusts those lights to no avail. I complained to Meg, but she asked, “Are the headlights even on?”

“Idiot!” I thought to myself. Our cars have automatic headlights, so it never occurred to me to turn on the lights. As I flipped the switch, I also realized that guy didn’t cut me off – I drove up at 80 without my head lights… I was the problem.

Nathan approaches David, after Bathsheba and Uriah, with a story (2Samuel 12:1-7). It appeals to David’s childhood as a shepherd. His youth running from the powerful Saul. David labels the injustice and rages with holy anger.

It is so easy to label the specks in others, when often we are the plank.

There is a place for judgment. But the light should be turned inward. We examine ourselves, rather than blindly racing to accuse others.

One thought on “Plank

  1. Don’t feel bad – I have done this a couple of times myself. So true though – how quickly we assume someone else is the problem when we are the ones at fault. Something I need to pray forgiveness for daily.

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