Swinging for a Royal Crown

Phoebe: “I like everything in the world, except for giants.”
Meg: “Well you do not have to worry about giants, they are not real.”
Phoebe: “I mean the Giants that beat the Royals.”

Royals Crown

One swing. Game 7 of the World Series. 9th Inning. Down by one. Runner on third. This was the moment of children’s dreams. A chance to be epic.

One swing. Weeks earlier Salvy saved the playoffs in the 12 inning Wild Card game. His hit completed the royal comeback from down 7-3 in the 8th. This led to an amazing sweep to win the American League Pennant.

One swing. Gordon stood on third. BUMgarner, the one giant the royals couldn’t slay, was on the mound. Salvation Salvy stood at the plate.

One swing… happened, but it only produced a weak foul pop-up to third. Salvy’s nickname wouldn’t stick. There would be no parades. Giants were crowned and the Royals were left with only Burger King replicas.

This winter it was hard to find perspective. Players left, players came. The Royals – American League Champions – are not any analyst’s prediction to win the series. Many of them do not even envision the team above .500, much less the playoffs.

Yet, here we are on Opening Day. Maybe it is Fool’s Day. Maybe it is Easter. Maybe it is the grass turning green, but I am reminded it is a new season. The writer’s predictions don’t matter. Last seasons pop-ups are behind us. The Royals have another chance. And not just a chance. The defense, speed, and bullpen are all intact. Young starters are ready for a full season. Young hitters took a step forward in the playoffs. The world’s best bobblehead will be given away. Last season wasn’t the end, but the beginning.

Today the Royals swing to take the crown. Their crown.

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