Diaper in the DonationAt Serve Sunday I found my worship at the thrift store going through bags of clothes. From laugh worthy to a few take home temptations, we discovered everything. Then we literally did find everything, as we tore open another bag and on the top was a pair of soiled underpants. Next the dirty diaper in the picture. Karena’s smile aside, it was gross. All I could think was “Why?” and pass the hand sanitizer.

Beyond diaper duty, our role was to divide summer and winter clothes. We are heading into summer, so all summer clothes went into a bin to be washed and put on the racks. All winter clothes went into blue bags. We piled the blue bags by the loading dock. At first I thought they would head to storage, but we learned later that all of the blue bags were sold by the pound to be shipped overseas.

The thrift store has so many clothes donated it literally ships off everything out of season. I don’t think this is a bad thing, I hope the clothes will benefit someone, somewhere. But the shear amount of clothes we donate is amazing. So much that a thrift store does not even ponder keeping the nice winter clothes. So many more will be given, anything out of season can be sent off.

After our discoveries I set out to write something about our overflowing closets. But the biggest impact was the fear I felt tearing open new bags. So, please, wash whatever you donate and maybe include a bottle of hand sanitizer just in case.

ServeSunday smAlong with a few other pastors, I was interviewed by the Word and Way about our Serve Sunday. Chandler is mentioned about halfway down and I was quoted to conclude the article.

Read it Here.


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