Rain Delay

Rain Delay

The Royals are back in the playoffs. Not the Wild Card slip in, but American League’s best record. I have never had playoff expectations before today. Last year I was just happy the Royal’s arrived for the first time in 29 years. The race to Game 7 of the World Series was a dream.

Sitting tonight, I expect the Royals to win. Of course they are not off to a good start. Down 3-1, when the rain began. Not a drop here, so I was surprised the Stadium was in a downpour. Then I looked at the map. A thin line right over game.

Sometimes life is that way – rain for one, sun for another. But the delay gave me time to ponder our team. We have traveled from Texas to Georgia and now here. I was often the first Royals fan anyone had ever met. Some of my youth in Augusta did not even know the Royals were a baseball team. Who knows what they thought my Royals shirts represented (Go English Monarchy?)… I felt alone. Then someone would see my KC hat and I would discover a friend as we talked baseball.

Coming back to the KC area, I was no longer alone. But in the last year, things have changed. Today everyone was wearing blue. Ready for tonight’s game.

I am happy to have everyone root for the Royals. But the bandwagon can not understand. To have journeyed through the rain of 100 loss seasons and endless rebuilding, the light of victory is that much sweeter.

This is true in all of life. We want to avoid the dark times, skip the downpours. But those moments make the joy deeper. The relationships stronger. From marriage, to parenting, to friends, to church… we want endless success and celebration. I wouldn’t mind that simplicity. But to really know joy, you need sit in the rain delay.

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