Past Now Unite

Aud and Dad Postseason

My dad went to his first postseason game (Friday’s win). Waiting in the bathroom line between innings he was surrounded by a bunch of young guys. Each held two big beers. I am not sure how they planned to navigate the facilities, but they were happy. Yelling and laughing, they turned to dad. Seeing he was older they asked if he was a fan when the Royals won the World Series? Dad responded he has been a KC fan since they were the A’s.

“Wow, you’re old.”

Often life is segregated into age brackets and life stages. 20 somethings hang out with other 20 somethings. Young parents run around with others who understand the financial value in potty training. Retired folks… Empty nesters… Students… Each group gravitates together. This is natural.

But life is better if, on occasion, the generations collide. Of course this happens in families. But church provides the opportunity every week. A walk through the church foyer this past week. Children were playing, turning bulletins into paper airplanes. Adults of every age are talking, greeting, planning lunch. The new mom and baby were surrounded by ladies cooing at the baby in his carrier – from a teenager to a 70 something. An elderly gentlemen caught a returning college student to ask about her adventure…

Of course, Generations colliding is also often why churches argue. The old and young can argue about anything, from music to pews to technology. It often comes down to tradition vs change. Wisdom vs Adventure.

But it is interesting. When your passion isn’t about yourself, the differences slip away. My dad and double-fisted-beer-man have only the Royals in common. The “you’re old” comment could have been followed with “you’re an idiot”. Instead, in the thrill of the postseason, they talked baseball, pennant, World Series, Royals… the playoffs made them friends.

The church has the same opportunity. If we are caught up in the vision of Christ, our weakest link could be our greatest asset. Old and young working together. Wisdom and Adventure moving the cause of Christ. But this means we will have to reach out to one another. Hold our opinions back, occasionally allow our sensibilities to be stepped on…

…but imagine church like the postseason. I’d be there… but we may need to double fist the communion cups!**

** Though I am not sure our communion grape juice will have the same effect…

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