Curb Snow

I tried to capture photos of the girls on Saturday but my phone kept dying. I write kept, because it was still half charged. With single digit temperatures and falling snow — the phone would shut down. Back in my the warmth of pocket I could restart it. But it would die right when I took a picture.  So I went to house and grabbed Meg’s phone. I got in a few more pictures before the same thing.

Technology is frustrating. But if the phone was cold – so were my hands (I had to take my gloves off to be able to not take photos). So I stopped worrying about missed photos and started to ponder frostbite. The week before I listened to a “Stuff You Should Know” podcast which gave a great description of the water freezing in-between my cells (it is fairly easy to get me worked up – just hear me preach). So I put my gloves back on and focused on sledding.

fullsizerender-7This allowed more time to monitor Darcy. She loves to eat snow. She will sit down at any moment and start pilling it into her mouth – even curb side snow (which is what she is about to do at the end of the video!). So I was constantly saying “Please don’t eat the treated snow!” Unfortunately she had no idea what “treated” meant – she naively believes all snow is fresh. So I had explain about road salt melting the ice… with her blank stare I realized a better explanation would have compared it to yellow snow.

Of course I wasn’t the only one worrying. There were big kids sledding too (older than Ivy). At one point, as I helped the girls carry the sled, I slipped on the ice. Down I went. I started to laugh, but Ivy replied with the embarrassed “Daaadddd!” It is bad enough that dad is out there… now he is falling down!

Life is filled with distractions. Worries and frustrations. From kids arguing over who gets to ride our one sled to my constant reminders that a car was coming to… In every moment it is easy to miss the joy all around us.

Even in Saturday’s winter wonderland, worry could take over. The ice made for fast sledding – quick enough to make me nervous for the girls. Darcy was the third to go and I carried the sled up the hill for her. Three quarters of the way she started to cry – hard. She was scared and for a moment I wondered if her worries would take over. We encouraged her and walked her toward the bottom. There she agreed to sled… joy! And by the end of the day she was climbing all the way to stop sign to start her slide!

Each day has its share of worries, embarrassment, and frustration. These things can dominate us. But each day also has its share splendidness – of friends and family and birds and smiles and silly earmuffs and … Some of life is like curb snow – tossed and terrible. But if we could look past the curb the yard is a buffet of the finest Christmas snow! Follow Darcy’s example. Sit and eat. Enjoy.

Christmas is nearly here. It a time full of distractions. So take a moment to recognize the joy of the season. As the shepherds, leave you sheep. Leave your worries and frustrations. If only for a moment, come and see the hope, peace, joy, and love that Jesus has for you.



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