Into the Fire with Love

The images coming out of Syria were horrifying. I was especially broken by a father cradling his dead twins. The picture showed up in my feed the same day Ezekiel had an allergic reaction – hives covering his whole body. Because of peanuts we carry Epi-pens everywhere. Thankfully this was fairly minor – but I was afraid as I held him… at church that Wednesday we left him in the the nursery, still red with hives. Megan and I both had tasks, but I wasn’t teaching. So after taking care of a few things, I found my way back to the nursery. I played with the babies. I knew he was fine and I was a bit nuts… but I didn’t want to let Ezekiel go.

If I was the dad, I would not have let my twins go either…

And in these moments I want to blow the Hell out of whoever sent these weapons.

As a pastor I debated using the word Hell, but it was the only word that carried the weight of my feeling. In part because we stand – in this world – at the crossroads of Heaven and Hell. So much joy… so much hate. All mixed together. I want Hell to end and Heaven to begin – for everyone. Especially that dad… 

So there was a part of me happy to see our nation send missiles. But I also know missiles won’t solve the problem — at least not anytime soon (in the midst of a civil war, with Russia and Iran on the side of Assad and chemical warfare…).  I also know the explosions of war cause more suffering for the children and families – the powerless – who I so very much want to defend. I am left helpless, wondering what can be done.

Then I got a message from Jeremy. He sent a link to a video (below) and the way of the church became clear. There are those who run into danger, running with love. At Chandler we have directly supported Preemptive Love for years – we are a small reason they may run into the violence. Take a moment to watch the video. Take a moment to pray. Take a moment to give.

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