Kearney’s Spring Clean-up allows us to set big items (tvs to furniture) by the curb and the trash service will take them away. Items are set out the evening before and this attracts junkers. Guys in trucks pulling trailers grab anything that might be of value. This year we set out our couch and loveseat, which Meg and I bought our first year of marriage – 14 years ago. They were so worn out (holes and fluffing protruding) that even the junkers passed by them. But when the trash truck raised them into the bin, I was hit with a wave of nostalgia. The girls were sad and though I was hated the cushions that no longer cushioned… I kind of wanted to sit on them again.

Of course my feelings had nothing to do with the couches and everything to do with the memories.

Yesterday I visited a dear church member. He is starting to forget. While he wanted to hear about church, he couldn’t remember many names and has forgotten some of the roles he played. I know dementia will slowly take all his memories. Someday he will not recognize me.

Memory is a powerful tool. It causes me to love not just old couches, but the people all around me. When memory ceases — it is a heartache too difficult. Yet so many suffer from dementia in themselves and in their family and friends.

When it is not us or our family — it is easy to pass by them.  Yet everyone in the situation wears out and needs encouragement. So take moment to send a card or a text to someone you know facing dementia — in themselves or in a family member. Remind them – even if they have forgotten you – they are loved.


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