Essential Toppings?

Galatians 1:6-10

Our family at a Royals game is a constant passing of snacks, bathroom breaks, trips in search of Slugger, with a dash of baseball. The only moment we all focus is the Hot Dog Race. As a good and strong father, I have taught my kids to root for mustard. Which means they all cheer for ketchup… ketchup?! A parent fail! … Of course at the last game relish won. So we were united in the bond of love, our common enemy.

This is the way of the world. We will divide over anything and everything. And the church is no different. We seek uniformity, covering the gospel with required toppings… when all that is required is Jesus.

be colorful sermon series 2 cutThis Sunday we start a new series titled “Be Colorful”. We will look at Galatians and expanding fellowship. (Plus the logo plugs our new Chandler Kids Wednesday night Orange Curriculum — part of this change is to connect more deeply with kids outside the church!)

Notice the image at the top?? National ice cream day is almost here and French’s will introduce a new flavor. It for three days only… and of course only in NY and LA… so my only hope for a taste is to stick our mustard bottle in the freezer.

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