Campaigns, Aliens, and Grace

It is still early, but this is the moment. We now know who will be the next President. Bernie Sanders announced, if elected, he will reveal everything the government knows about aliens. Turning Area51 into a national park for family tours — no need to storm it — earns my vote and will win the election!

I am kidding… kind of. I listened to an NPR interview with the curator of the Truman Presidental Library. Fascinating and earth-shattering things happened during Truman’s presidency, from A-bomb to the Marshall Plan to Israel to the Truman Doctrine to General MacArthur… but what did most people research at the Truman Library? Aliens.

We often get hung up on trivial things and miss the earth-shattering. The early church wrestled with the laws of Judaism. Many thought it was essential to continue to wear the mask of rules and outward appearance. Who you ate with became important… and in this they missed grace. (Check out Galatians 2:11-22).

Covered by masks we lose grace for others and for ourselves. Everything becomes about the mask of holiness. But God knows the masks are imaginary. Looking through to the heart God gives grace. Then goodness springs from within, even in our brokenness. Unmasked we are loved and made whole. Not aliens to God, but children.

be colorful sermon series 2 cutThis Sunday we continue our series BE Colorful. Working through Galatians, we take in the depth of the gospel. It is not exclusive, but expansive grace. And everyone finds a place at the table.

As to whether aliens are imaginary or not, I am looking forward to President Sander’s announcement! 😉

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