The Point

Revelation 12:1-5

In a splendid, but ridiculous, series of events an artist (Maurizio Cattelan) created art by duct taping a banana to the wall. So profound (some said a-peel-ing) the art sold for 120 thousand dollars. On display people began taking selfies with the art. Then, later that week, another artist, David Datuna, approached the taped banana — pulled it off the wall — peeled it — and took a bite. Titling his performance art, “Hungry Artist”… (watch it here)

We often miss the point. For instance, I do not think I understand the banana art. What was going to happen when it molded or congealed down the wall? I suppose – if I can make up a meaning – it represents how bananas we are as a society. Trying to hold onto what won’t last… but in the end, the hungry artist is right. The point of the banana is not selfies. The point is to eat it.

As we approach the Manger. Do you understand the point?

bethlehem star nativity cartoon“Small Stars, Big Parts” — Our Advent Messages look at all of the small characters in the Christmas story. We discover they are not insignificant, but essential lights of the gospel (just like us!). This Sunday we examine the animals that fill the nativity. While trim and clean… and porcelain… in our nativity set. The reality was much messier. And as we expand our imagination — the whole situation was much more dangerous! I hope you will join us this Sunday at 10:30.

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