Neti Pot Brain Freeze

“The leading cause of injury in old men is them believing they are still young men.” — Todd Schrivener shared this on Facebook. I laughed… and cringed.

I am battling a cold, but I am used to continuing with my normal life. Then this week my body broke and I was bed ridden — while still telling folks I’d be in the office that afternoon. Needless to say the doctor lectured me about my sinus infection, which was turning into pneumonia. The words didn’t land until I was at home taking two prescriptions and trying the doctor’s other suggestion, a Neti Pot.

You are not supposed to use tap water, so I used filtered water from the refrigerator. As the cold water poured through my sinuses and out into the sink, I got a brain freeze. And at that point I realized… not only am I getting older, I am an idiot.

Which makes it all the more amazing that I am invited and called by God. Whether you feel brave or broken like me – you are also called.

bethlehem star nativity cartoon

Luke 2:8-20

“Small Stars, Big Parts” — This Advent season we examine the small characters in the Christmas story. We will find they are not insignificant, but essential lights of the gospel (just like us!). Sunday we look at the shepherds in the field. The short story of Advent has idealized parts like the Shepherd. Of course they were not priests or rulers, but neither were they educated or part of respected society. They were lower class, dirty, shift workers, sleeping through the day. Imagine that position today… imagine the angels arriving to sing today.

I hope you will join us this Sunday for worship.

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