Out of Place

At the corner of I35 and 152 I saw a Target grocery cart. It was a ways from home. I pondered how it arrived there. It wasn’t the wind. Did someone without a car need to carry their packages?… they must have felt out of place too.

We all feel this way one time or another. As Christians maybe that feeling should even be a part of our normal reality (this is not our home). Take a moment to reflect on last year and this year. Look to God – from whom our help arrives. You may appear out of place – or feel out of place – but you are loved by God. Lean into this grace. And ask where He is pushing you this year. (😀 Yep… in this illustration I made us the cart. Pushed by God. Carrying His blessing! So it isn’t so bad! Better than a Target cart!)

Sunday Preview: Looking up — Psalm 121

This Sunday we start a new series titled Looking Up. I borrowed Pixar’s Up Balloon for the image, because God is carrying us beyond… we may not arrive how we expected. But it will be transformative – for us and those we encounter!

I hope you will join us for the journey in this new year! Our worship service begins at 10:30.

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