Dr Wells

In college there was a little Mexican restaurant named El Rodeo. It came with the chairs and paintings of every Mexican restaurant — they are a strange national chain. Like its counterparts, chips and salsa were unlimited and the food cheap. A perfect upgrade from my usual 99¢ Totino’s pizza dinner. Their fountain drinks included Dr. Wells. I doubted this was a craft soda, instead it was the low degree from the Dr. Pepper soda school. But I ordered it every time. And loved everything about the restaurant. So much so that it became the one thing I demanded for the wedding – well, that and a Royals themed groom’s cake – and the resurant hosted our rehearsal dinner.

It certainly wasn’t quality that made me love El Rodeo. Affordability made it possible, but that wasn’t the reason either. It was the kindness and welcome I received as a terrible tipping 20 year old every time I came to eat. This love opened my heart and brought my love in return. This truth is not only for Mexican restaurants. Love is the invitation of the church! I hope to see you and Love you soon!

Sunday Preview: Looking up — Isaiah 60:1-9

This Sunday we continue our series Looking Up. I borrowed Pixar’s Up Balloon for the image, because as we look to God we are filled Love. This love is carrying us beyond… we may not arrive how we expected. But it will be transformative – for us and those we encounter!

Join us for the journey in this new year! Our worship service begins at 10:30. on Sunday! (If the snow allows… ⛪🌨⛄😯)

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