Can I get an AMEN?!

As the Texans broke out to a 24 lead over the Chiefs @cpenn4thewin realized he was the jinx and needed to leave the stadium. $258 ticket aside, he  walked out, tweeting a video that the Chiefs could now win the playoff game. And of course the Chiefs scored 41 unanswered points, seven straight touchdowns.

In the aftermath Charles Penn has become a legend. Featured on Sport Center. Mahomes personally asked him to stay at home next week. And twitter is full of suggestions like this:

It all makes me laugh, but… I do the same things. The Chiefs have won seven in a row. On the game it started I wore a new Chiefs shirt, which I now wear for every game. During the Royals 2014 playoff run I preached in Royals Crocs, because they had not lost since I started wearing them. I put my hat on a different way. I regularly change seats. Or Stand. Or leave the room… I want to be the butterfly effect!

It would be exciting if Sunday worship resembled sports. Our body full of adrenaline. Prayers from our spouses that hearts won’t explode if usher fumbles an offering plate. Everyone wearing a lucky blessed shirt. When things are going well, shouts of Amen! If the pastor needs help, better change seats or he will be punting to the Devil…

Okay, maybe we won’t start spraying everyone with communion juice after an epic altar call. But a take a moment and consider duplicating the attitude of the sport fan. Something inside me believes I can change a sports outcome from my living room. What if we all thought that from our pews? Because from the pew — singing a little louder, praying more intensely, shouting an amen — we can affect worship.

Of course if my message loses it way this Sunday people will be tweeting “peace out” as they get up and leave. 😳

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