Paging Tomorrow

A few months ago it was easy to be jealous of the Astros — especially with the Royals stumbling into regular losing. Houston made the playoffs 4 of the last 5 seasons, won it all in 2017, this year the AL Pennant, and seem primed to keep winning. But now the team is mired in a pitch-sign stealing scandal that only grows messier (players may have worn buzzers to announce the next pitch!).

The world isn’t run by karma. The way of holiness is often not on the path toward earthly reward. Evil gets ahead (and like the Astros, the cost on earth rarely seems to hinder the wealthy or powerful). But we are not living for today’s championships…

My good friend is an Astros fan. Especially, as a short pastor, a fan of Altuve. Thinking of my friend, I am proud that the Royals are built on more than today’s buzz. “GM Dayton Moore outlined that the first trait he looked for in any front office or coaching role was not skill or a desire to innovate, but the ability ‘to apply moral principles in their lives.'” This may not always help the Royal’s baseball record, but it is the way of the true King. The path I desire to follow…  and at least I know – since the last shall be first – the Royals will win championships in Heaven! 😉

Sunday Preview: Looking up — Psalm 123

This Sunday we continue our series Looking Up. I borrowed Pixar’s Up Balloon for the image, because as we look to God we are filled Love. This love is carrying us beyond… we may not arrive how we expected. But it will be transformative – for us and those we encounter!

Join us for the journey in this new year! Our worship service begins at 10:30. on Sunday!

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