Pacing Bowl

What are we to do? For the first time in my life the Super Bowl game will be more important than the commercials. Can I join in a party with other people? My normal game routine is to pace and grumble, with my heart on the edge of an attack… as Megan bakes cookies in case things go awry! Of course no one has invited me to a party. I suppose everyone agrees — they don’t want to see (or be seen by) their pastor in game mode! 😉

But seriously. How exciting is this time?! The next week and a half in KC will be amazing. This city awakes in love and fellowship when our teams win (remember ’14 and ’15 Royals:  here or here). We are all Chiefs, we are all friends (or should I write, “we are all ma’homies”!). It is beautiful. Contagious.

This fellowship is exactly what God desires in the church — that all would be embraced as ma’homies.

** I wrote this for tonight’s annual business meeting. Canceled due to snow. Chandler’s meetings are not raucous battlefields. But neither are they celebrations! I suppose we should be baking more cookies…throwing flags when someone breaks Roberts Rules… and cheering each motion!

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