Over the weekend I developed a cold. Congested, cough, sore throat. Nothing major, but no one wants to risk others. So I went to the church early Sunday and filmed the welcome, prayer time, and message. All alone I hit record then hurried to the stage. As I rushed back to hit stop, I wondered how are we going to navigate the days ahead?

That afternoon I contacted the Heath Department for a Covid Test. It would take 24-72 for a return call to set an appointment (took 36hrs, Tuesday morning). So on Monday I called my doctor and had a video appointment. They don’t have Covid tests in office, but was able to set up an appointment late that afternoon at the hospital. Drive up, twirl a q-tip in each nostril for 15 seconds, and results… in 24-72 hours. (My job is flexible, but how can others wait so long — skipping work — when it might not even be covid?!)

How will we navigate this fall? When strep strikes, or the flu, or just a common cold… my family shares illness better than anything! The first thought will be Covid. Everyone around us will take a step back, sending us into quarantine.

The Fall and Winter will be difficult. Often frustrating. With real complaints. For some, real tragedy. It is apparent we weren’t prepared for a pandemic. And the grand plan still seems to hinge on the virus disappearing.

My response — besides wearing a mask — is to get angry and rant. Others, seem to accept the “grand plan” and pretend it doesn’t exist (or imagine conspiracy). But on Sunday I was reminded of another reaction.

I got home and watched the streamed service. I ate a donut and drank coffee — church at home has real positives. Which made me wonder if people would come back to in person church (it is EASY to spiral these days!)… Then text messages started to arrive… So sorry you are sick!Could we door drop?How are you feeling?Praying it isn’t Covid!

When the pandemic began I wrote cards, door dropped, sent texts… each week I planned to send encouragement. But over time I have slowed down. This Sunday I was encouraged. Now I hope… in between my rants… I can send encouragement to help others navigate this fall.

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