Jenny McClung shared this on Facebook and it describes our week. NPR drones in the background. Every ten minutes I check my phone. As though the race will be decided.

This election has real consequences. So it is understandable that we are worried.

In John 6 the crowd decides to make Jesus King. This is a verse we often read past, between feeding the 5000 and walking on the water. We jump to the good stuff. But this verse is really important.

Jesus as King would have made a lot of sense. Sitting here today, it still makes a lot of sense.

I am pretty sure Jesus could fix health care.

John 6:15 Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself.

America has real problems. Inequality. Racism. Violence. But it pales in comparison with the first century. Crucifying Jesus was a few days work… life was unjust and oppressive. The Romans ruled through violence. The rich indentured the poor. Commoners were without rights, hungry for the most basic needs. Jesus as King could solve all of it.

But Jesus withdrew. Not because he wasn’t concerned. He was constantly healing, feeding, defending… he just wasn’t interested in politics. There was another way to heal the world. Sacrifice. Rather than Power.

So rather than stress eat… the way to healing goes through John 6:15. Prayer. Then going out to serve.

While the crowds search for a king, we already have one. So let us follow his way — to heal all the world!

I have written more than once about our response to this election. On John 2 and Matthew 5.

This Sunday we continue our series The Meal. This week we look at the next Passover mention in John – the feeding of the 5000 (6:1-5). I hope you will join Chandler at 10:30, live with masks or streamed online.

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