“How much does it cost?”

We debated having our Thanksgiving Meal this year, but pressed forward. We did make lots of covid changes. More masks and gloves. It will be delivery only. There are no longer all of the options. So everyone gets turkey and ham.

Plus Covid makes our office emptier, so I am taking a lot of calls. Hearing tons of “thank you’s and also strange bits, “don’t judge a lady by her number” (her phone # began with 666!). And many surprised the meal is free. “Can I tell my friends.” “I want you to know I made a poster and hung it up.”

This Sunday we continue our series looking at the New Passover. In John there are three passover celebrations. At each Jesus is eating — like us, he loves a good meal. But he is also teaching us about the Passover he brings. This week we look at John 11:55-12:8. The Jews had to ritually cleanse before meeting God at the Passover (11:55). But Jesus was bringing holiness to the people. Salvation’s meal set before each of us. Now let us partake!

I hope you will join Chandler this Sunday at 10:30. Find us online streaming on Facebook and Youtube. Or join us in person. 😷

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