Keep Christ in Driving

Yesterday in elementary school carline someone cut right in front of me. Of course they had a Jesus sticker. It seems they keep the rush in Christmas — not sure about Jesus.

When our Preschool Director, Robbi, heard about it, she respond, “Maybe they should keep Christ in their driving.”

The church gets worked up about the wrong things. Some are riled by the phrase “Happy Holidays”. Recently many churches have been resisting covid orders (most famously John MacArthur’s church).

How WE talk about Christmas is important.1 Meeting in our buildings is important.2

But our witness to the world is MORE important. And in these arguments we are destroying our testimony. To those outside the church it appears we have set ourselves and our rights over others.

Maybe it is time to put Christ back in Christian!

In John’s gospel Jesus takes off his outer garment. With water and a towel he begins to wash the disciples’ feet. He is their teacher, their leader. A miracle worker whom the crowds welcomed as messiah and king. Yet he gives up all these rights. Instead he takes the lowest role and serves.

“Now that you know these things, you will be blessed if you do them.” (John 13:17)

Rather than ranting about terms and building usage, let us live like Jesus. We can demonstrate to the world the reason we love God. We don’t love God because He exists or because we are correct. We love God because He gave up His rights to love us!

If we become Christ followers, giving up our rights to love others, we will give the world a reason to put Christ — not just into Christmas — but into their own lives!

  1. Christ in Christmas? ~ It is important how the followers of Jesus talk about Christmas. But it is less important, maybe not important, how others speak of Christmas. For those who do not believe… Christmas is presents and family and lights — good things. But not Christ. So why stress if they use the right terms, when they don’t even understand the definitions!
  2. Church Buildings? ~ Church community and fellowship is VERY important. But community can happen in many ways — outside the building, even virtually. We know the true definition of “church” is NOT a building, but the people — the followers of Jesus! So why present the witness that we do not care about other’s health, just so we can gather in a building?!

This Sunday we conclude our series The Meal. The three Passover celebrations mentioned in John explain the New Passover. It is one of welcome and sacrifice. Rather than destroy the enemy, it saves the enemy! — This week we are in John 13, I hope you will join our worship at 10:30.

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