Ivy got her driver’s permit, and, after a parking lot tour, nervously ventured onto the road.

This brought back a flood of memories. Killing the Escort a thousand times — my dad insisted I learn on a stick. While I insisted I didn’t even know how to turn yet! It doesn’t seem that long ago …but I am forty-one. Now I drive without thinking about it. I often arrive at the office deep in thought, with barely a memory from the trip. It is just natural. My body going through the motions.

All of life can be like this. Going through the motions. Day passes after day. Until suddenly your baby gets her permit. Then I am transported back to the hospital. Meg sleeping. Ivy under the warming lights, swaddled. And me afraid to touch this little person. Afraid I am not ready. And I now know I wasn’t ready, I am still not.

But I know I can not let this life be a drive to work. Just going through the motions. So I try to seize this moment. And also the wheel when she way overturns on that first trip onto the open road… see, I am not ready for this! (Now we pray! 🙏)

Join us this Sunday for worship at 10:30. In person and streaming on Facebook and Youtube (check out our new covid protocols). This is the final week on Ezekiel 47. It includes God’s vision for today and tomorrow. Plus a delightful video! 🌱🍕

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