Unintended Consequence

I try to keep up with the day’s events. I find NPR a good balance. But there are times the news is… well, it explains why we all need medication! But yesterday as I raced home and rushed to get Phoebe to archery, I heard something wonderful. During the pandemic, while we masked and distanced from Covid, we were also avoiding the flu. Flu cases were nearly nonexistent last year. And if the flu doesn’t exist in people, it does not exist at all. Now scientists believe certain strains of the flu may have gone extinct!

Generally we consider unintended consequences from the negative. Our actions have ripples. My decision to speed to work could lead to a crash or just make someone angry as I cut them off. But there are also positive unintended consequences. Good rippling out to create good.

Certainly this past year we have not been a big happy community of unity. The division and fighting led to lots of bad rippling consequences. But many people tried to distance, to mask, to quarantine … even a half-hearted effort to do good created something amazing. We sent parts of the flu into extinction. Imagine the unintended consequences if all truly worked together?! Good building on good, tidal waves of grace. Beyond eradicating disease, maybe we eradicate hunger?! If we will all stop racing to cut off others and instead notice they need help. Then living water will flood over us.

Join us this Sunday for worship at 10:30. We turn to 2Kings 17 — a widow faithfully helps and God provides. I hope you will join us in person or online. (Check out our new in-person covid protocols.)

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