Wrinkly Faith

I am developing strong laugh lines… what you might call wrinkles. The gray is increasing. My shower now has a screen on the drain to catch my hair. At least the hair that didn’t decide to be reborn on my ears… basically, I am getting older.

The youth retreat’s core was a spiritual gifts test. I took my first gift test in high school. Then, as now, my top gift was Prophecy (25/25). No — I can’t predict the future. I am more cranky Old Testament prophet, pointing out flaws… probably why I am not invited to many parties!

In high school I scored nearly as high in Faith. But this recent test my gift of Faith had fallen to fifth. I spent some time pondering how gifts change over time (and I do believe they change, as God calls us to new adventures — hence Paul can urge us to “eagerly desire the greater gifts”). Mainly I wondered why my Faith declined? It was not that I did not trust God. Instead my hope has wavered in Christians – I am no longer sure we will allow God to work in us.

Planning the youth retreat brought me right back into teenage concerns. No one asked me about the topic for the weekend. Instead, who was in their small group?, who would they room with?… With all my wrinkles you would think I too would know what is most important. Relationship over Theology.

Rather than worry about gift scores, I should ask, Who are my friends? As iron sharpens iron, who will sharpen my faith?

This Sunday we will hear a report from the youth retreat and the first kids Wacky Wednesday. We will also discuss grease fires and friendship. Hope you join us at 10:30, in person or streaming on Facebook and Youtube.

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