Know Forgiveness

“Bees will buzz, kissable dandelion fuzz…”

The pizza arrived thin crust, NY style. Darcy held her slice by crust. It was limp, bending toward the table. “How do I eat this?”, as she raised the piece above her head and tried a bite from underneath. We explained that you fold it. So she rolled it up from the crust. The crust became the middle of what looked like a burrito. Darcy was thrilled.

With bees buzzing in the backyard 🐝, I sang Olaf’s song. “… I will be doing whatever snow does in summer!” of course I didn’t understand all the words, as Meg corrected, “kids will blow dandelion fuzz”! What?! No! Dandelions are kissable… 💋

Until we are taught (or corrected — if you are kissing dandelions you are not kissing me!) we don’t know. And so it is with forgiveness. Most often our forgiveness means forgetting.

But Gods forgiveness is embracing. As NT Wright explains, we will only understand “forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” when we understand the Father running to the Prodigal Son. God’s forgiveness reaches out. Embraces us. Even as we are still filthy.

This Sunday we continue Our Prayer series, going phrase by phrase through the Lord’s Prayer. This week we consider forgiveness. I hope you will join us at 10:30, live or streaming on Facebook and Youtube!

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