“From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.” – John 6:66

From the beginning I have supported the vaccine. It was my and Meg’s 2020 halloween costume. Through individual conversations I have encouraged everyone to get the shot. Of course I believe the shot will help keep me healthy. But even more importantly, I am convinced it is a way to love and protect our neighbor. Now that the fourth covid wave is engulfing Missouri and, listening to rhetoric of the anti-vaccine crowd, I have grown troubled. Especially I wondered how a large portion of the church can reject the vaccine? As I prayed, I felt the need to be bolder. First signing onto a statement of MO Pastors that urged Christians to be vaccinated (which became national news). I followed that by writing on this blog about the need to vaccinate. Then this past Sunday I urged us to not only be vaccinated (most of Chandler already is), but also share our story (here is the video, starts at 13:17).

As I spoke, a visitor grabbed her son and walked out. Another visiting couple left during the following song.

Nearly eleven years of pastoring I have given messages that created stirs. Caused disagreement. Lots of office meetings and phone calls in days following. But only a few times has someone walked out mid message. Watching the mom walk out, pulling her small son… I feel the tension rise up. I wanted to cave — keep everyone at Chandler, but I needed to speak the truth… still, I understand why pastor’s avoid controversy. It is hard to watch real people walk away.

Sunday afternoon I felt discouraged. My personality wants to fix everything (my pride believes I can 😉 ). I worked outside praying and pondering. I watched the video — just to confirm I didn’t say anything crazy (I did cringe at how long I spoke, but not the actual words). I helped with the youth group. Then worked to set up the night’s outdoor movie.

I wasn’t interested in watching The Chosen, but it was on the calendar. Season two’s third episode plodded along with the disciples talking around the fire. They waited for Jesus who was healing the crowds. Soon the group was arguing and dividing – how could Matthew work for their enemy, the occupying Romans?! Then Jesus approached, his body bent and exhausted. Everyone was silent — even my own heart — I had not considered what healing must take out of Jesus.

The uproar around the vaccine has little to do with the shot. And much to do with politics. And the church — being too embroiled in politics — has made the shot an issue of faith. You have heard all the rhetoric. “Covid is a hoax.” “The shot is just a way for the government to control us.” “The vaccine will change your DNA!” “It injects microchips.” “My vaccine is Jesus’s blood.” And then there are all the counter arguments — from the science and medical community — that the vaccine is safe.

These arguments will continue to burn. But the question for the church, as I posed on Sunday, is not about safety or government conspiracies. Instead, where is Jesus? I already know the answer. I have prayed and I am without doubt that Jesus wants to get the vaccine. But the Chosen gave me a visual of how hard Jesus worked to love his neighbor.**

Let the Republicans do what they want… Let the Democrats do what they want… They will argue from now until the end. BUT church, we do not follow a political party. We follow Jesus.

Some will choose to stay with their political party… this is hard for me, I want to argue and convince everyone. But I need to lean into the appropriately versed John 6:66. I must go with Jesus and he is helping his neighbor. We know the vaccine does just that. So, unless your doctor advises against it for a health reason, get vaccinated. And let people know it was NOT politics. We were vaccinated because we follow Jesus. Because he lives to love the world, so do we!

** What is God’s vision for the church and the vaccine? God’s desire is that Christians will be quickly vaccinated. And then that we make every effort to send the vaccine overseas. As the church — rather than argue and spend time convincing Christians — God would have us spend time raising funds to send more shots to Haiti and India and every country in need.

“‘I was sick and you looked after me…’ ‘when did we see you sick?’ The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” — Matthew 25:36, 39-40

“I was unvaccinated and you brought the shot to me.” THIS is God’s vision.

10 thoughts on “Walk

  1. Right on Sean ! I know it must have been hard to see those folks walk out Sunday, but you stayed strong and followed Jesus.

      1. Hi Noah, glad you read. I am not a doctor, I am a pastor. I am connected with many in the medical profession. All I know promote the vaccine. I have also studied the evidence. The fears of the anti-vax crowd have not materialized, but covid continues to ravage the unvaccinated (and the vaccinated, high risk). Covid is not a hoax, nor is it a conspiracy — please look up the year over year mortality rates! —– But my area of expertise is not in the medical field. Instead, I am follower of Jesus. Committed to His will. Prayer and scripture study convinces me to be vaccinated and encourage believers to also be vaccinated.

  2. Sean, you speak boldly about the vaccine, full of conviction and compassion. Are you also convicted to preach boldly, filled with compassion and conviction against SIN? I get where you can pull scripture and interpret it to support your personal conviction about the vaccine, but SIN is not open for ‘interpretation’, The topic of sin is hard to address because people don’t want to hear it, but souls need reminded, without Jesus as their Savior, they are going to hell. I pray you will be as convicted to preach people in to heaven, through Jesus Christ, as you seem to be convicted to tell people Jesus wants them to get the vaccine. A vaccine is a personal choice just like choosing to be saved, but a vaccine won’t get you into heaven,

    1. Hi Nita! Thank you for reading! Other blogs cover different topics, the one before was on forgiveness. But you are right, following Christ is essential. Apart from him there is no life. But, as God places the Spirit in our hearts we must continue to choose to follow! And this — Christians continuing to follow God’s will — is the focus of this blog.
      As I wrote, after much prayer and Bible study — over months of the pandemic — I am convinced the vaccine is not simply an idle choice like what you eat for lunch. Instead, it is something that God cares very much about. Why?, it is a life-and-death matter for our neighbor. In my prayer the spirit has convicted me to tell those in the church who able to be vaccinated. And to encourage others.

  3. Vaccine development uses blood sacrifice of animals and many use babies as well. From taking a live baby from a womb and dissecting the baby while still alive to puncturing the heart of a live calf while still in its mother. These are some of the most vile aspects of vaccine production. Many vaccines are manufactured from products procured in this manner.

    If you think this practice is encouraged by God, I honestly do not have words.

    But most of all sir, your language that the “scientific” side is pro and the “conspiracy” side is anti falls in line with all the other rhetoric I’ve witnessed to push propaganda.

    So preach how you will, but I sincerely doubt you are getting your revelations from where you claim.

    1. Hi there, your name “info is” screams spam, but you repeat a BIG misconception about vaccines. Vaccines are not made from “dissecting the baby while still alive”. SOME vaccines were developed using fetal tissue from two aborted babies. Many today, include Pfizer and Moderna, do not.
      But for the vaccines that do (like MMR), how should a Christian react?? Now, I believe abortion is wrong (with some exceptions, like saving a mother’s life). BUT, in this particular case the two mothers were already aborting their baby. A research doctor asked them permission to use the baby’s cells. So, good arose out of evil. Let me give you a different example: it is evil to murder, but if a doctor were able to use the victim’s organs to save another life… then good came out of evil. The murder was still wrong, but it would be absurd to not use the transplant organs to save others! It is the same in this case. I do not support the original abortion, I do support using those babies to save other’s lives.
      You can read more about the christian perspective here: https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2021/january-web-only/covid-19-vaccine-christian-ethical-questions-fetal-cells.html

  4. The pastor wanting to have his congregation get the mRNA shot could not be more wrong. I have done enough research on the subject to know it can have devastating health effects. It’s not a traditional vaccine. This technology has never been used on humans. Even the EUA lists it is investigational. It’s not approved. The injection has trillions of nano lipid carriers carrying their contents everywhere in the body where they invade cells. Of every type. And deliver synthetic MRNS that orders the cell to make a pathogen. Bioweapon spike protein. First off. Messenger rna is never to be outside the cells. This is a hacking of a bodily function that normally is to produce proteins used and needed by the body. Here your body cells are forced to make a pathogen. Where is the off switch.
    It’s designed to kill.
    Plus the shot turns off toll receptors that look for any abnormal substances in the blood. Thus inducing auto immunity. The cell would vigorously attack any invasion. But it’s turned off. The cell has been hacked.
    Go to rumble. Watch died suddenly. Read Edward dowds book. All cause mortality is up 40% after the rollout of the shot.

    1. Hi Carlton, thank you for reading. My blog is focused on followers of Jesus. If you are not a sheep of the Good Shepherd, I would love to share with you. But if you are, I want to challenge you to drink the water He provides rather than the world’s kool-aid. By this I mean go to scripture. Prayerfully read. Your fears are not from God.

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