lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil “one”

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer we simply speak, “deliver us from evil”, but others add “evil one.” Translations of Matthew 6:13 are often “evil one” (like the NIV). In the Greek of Matthew either translation is acceptable (it includes the article adjective and is literally “the evil” — yes, Meg has to explain article adjectives to me).

I prefer the translation “evil one” because it personifies evil. Evil is no longer actions we commit — that are static. Now evil is active. And I have found evil to be active in my life. Always seeking to control. It is why everything is addictive, not just drugs. Shopping. Social Media. Money. Food. Exercise. Approval. These things are not evil in themselves. But evil lurks in everything and seeks to make us slaves.

Which makes the first clause all the more important. Lead us. We follow Jesus. Every other path leads to the slavery of sin.

Join us at Chandler this Sunday at 10:30 for the conclusion of Our Prayer series — God brings sanctification, continuing to answer yes to this prayer, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”. You can join us live in person or streaming online on Facebook and Youtube.

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